Quality at Macquarie

Macquarie has quality as a central element in all products and processes. The Company maintains a modern, well equipped, temperature and humidity controlled laboratory to support the quality and testing functions.

The Quality philosophy is based around three testing plans: all raw material is fully specified and confirmed by testing before use; products and processes are tested and examined during manufacture and compared to known benchmarks; testing is carried out prior to dispatch to ensure specifications are met.

Macquarie's range of testing equipment and test methods enables the accurate measurement of key product and process parameters at all stages of production.

Sliver testing capabilities cover: weight, evenness, fibre diameter, fibre length, contamination, oil content, pH, composition, colour and vegetable matter.

Yarn testing equipment allows: count, twist, evenness , imperfections, fibre content, strength and elongation, relaxation and colour fastness to light, rubbing, water, perspiration and washing.

Fabric testing includes: weight, width, sett, Martindale abrasion, Martindale and ICI pilling, tear strength, stretch and recovery, tailorability using the FAST measurement system, seam slippage, relaxation shrinkage, washing shrinkage, flammability, oil and water repellency and colour fastness to light, rubbing, water, perspiration dry cleaning and washing.

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