Macquarie is a leading textile solution provider in Australia, one of the most important players in the Australian and international textile market.

Located in Albury, NSW, Macquarie has been a constant and reassuring presence during the entire history of the Australian Federation and has never failed to combine traditional craftsmanship and dedication with the latest technologies and ideas. Macquarie's origins can be traced back to 1868, and over the past 140 years, Macquarie has evolved to become a recognized and important presence on all domestic and international markets.

In 1993, Macquarie underwent a visionary operational expansion that transformed its manufacturing facility into the largest vertical mill in the Southern hemisphere. State of the art technologies and sophisticated textile machinery were imported and commissioned over the past 15 years with great success. From the raw wool to the finished consumer product, all intermediate manufacturing processes are being performed at Macquarie with local staff members achieving and maintaining a very high standard of specialization and capability.

From its manufacturing mill in Albury, NSW, and very productive joint ventures and cooperation with key international textile companies, Macquarie continues to produce impressive and innovative textiles solutions for fashion, corporate, schoolwear, contract/defence, industrial/protective, billiard/casino, saddlery, hosiery, knitting yarns, furnishing and commercial markets.

Macquarie is currently trading with more than 40 countries spread over 5 continents and is continuously expanding its network of relations and business opportunities.

Macquarie has been traditionally a leading exponent of the push towards a more ecologically sustainable production environment, adopting appropriate policies many years before it was trendy or politically correct to do so.

After many years and many changes, backed by great resources of experience and creative energy, Macquarie is looking forward to new challenges with absolute confidence and the determination to continue providing its clients and partners with more High Quality, Innovative, Customer-focused, Technologically Advanced Textile Solutions.

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