Macquarie has a Design Philosophy that combines creativity and innovation with quality of design, product performance and customer service. Macquarie creates all of its designs in the Melbourne design studio and then carefully and closely monitors their evolution through each manufacturing stage.

The Design Team at Macquarie utilises CAD and CAM technology to design and manufacture its stock service ranges, as well as custom design fabrics, for specific end uses. Macquarie's flexibility enables the Design Team to take a customer's design concept, transform it into a fabric simulation computer printout and then ultimately supply a fabric sample representing design, colour and quality, all within a short timeframe.

Macquarie explores many avenues of fabric design, from heavy duty Commercial Upholstery to 100% super fine Merino wool Suitings. Macquarie's many and diverse product areas include fabrics for Transport, Hospitals, Hotels, Commercial Furnishings, Industrial applications, Schoolwear, Corporate and Fashion, covering many areas of the woven fabric market.

Macquarie visits and exhibits at domestic and international textile fairs keeping the Design Team at the forefront of the latest developments in design, colour and technology. The Macquarie Design Charta is to satisfy market needs by creating inspiring, innovative and functional designs. The Design Team can create new fabrics, either jacquard or dobby designs, or simply recolour existing base fabrics upon request. The possibilities in partnership with Macquarie are endless.

Product Development

Product development at Macquarie has long been a core process in ensuring the ongoing production of successful textile solutions by Macquarie. The Macquarie product development process focuses on customer requirements, innovation, technological advancements, and strict adherence to quality standards. In achieving and maintaining this focus, key representatives from Sales and Marketing, Design, Engineering and Quality make up the Macquarie product development team and follow a detailed product development process.

Some of the areas that Macquarie specializes in are:
  • Fabric design and composition (Construction, Technical fibres, Yarns)
  • Colour Technology (Fastness, Environmental)
  • Specialised finishes(Flame retardant; Stain repellent; Waterproof; Antimicrobial; Antistatic; Self cleaning; shrink resistant; Nano Technology; Mechanical)
  • Yarn Development (Knitting, Weaving, Fibre compositions) and
  • Composite Products

As a textile solution provider Macquarie strives to be at the forefront of new technologies available to our industry and form strategic alliances with research and development organisations throughout the world ensuring the latest textile advancements are available to each of our customers. As a result Macquarie is able to provide innovative products into all areas of the textile industry, servicing each customer's specific requirements.

Product development at Macquarie continues to be one of the key cornerstones that maintains its reputation as one of the world's leading textile solution providers.

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